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User comments for "abiword"

[2004-12-29 15:44:34 ] Japanese support on WinXP - goodman_m
I like the interface for Abiword more than that of OpenOffice.org's Writer, but i can't get the Japanese text input to work. Fonts are installed, and it works in other programs, but for Abiword, all I get is a bunch of ?????s. If you don't need to input Japanese, I recommend Abiword :)

[2004-12-30 19:08:48 ] Abiword seems unstable - berkes
On Windows anyway, Abiword seems very unstable. Sometimes it crashes and there's not even any error box. This makes me kind of nervous about using it, say compared to openoffice which doesn't crash

[2005-11-06 12:04:54 ] about Abiword - cocaine44
Abiword is buggy as hell, I prefer OOo Writer instead, and it has a lot more features.

[2005-11-30 21:42:31 ] abiword - snowcactus
Buggy, heavy (slow loading), I finally uninstalled it. Looking for something else.

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