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User comments for "adaware"

[2004-12-27 03:57:31 ] adaware - j.fuggi
Excellent tool!

[2004-12-27 06:59:31 ] note: for personal use - edoug
Pelase remember that Ad-Aware is free for personal (but not business or corporate) use.

[2004-12-27 07:37:39 ] anti-virus - elcracker
I noticed you did not have any anti-virus so I thought I might add an anti-virus that is spy/ad - ware free, and very good, in my opinion. URL: http://www.avast.com/ made by Alwil. I do not know if you have heard of it. It has done a great job for me and the people I have recommended it to have thought so also.

[2004-12-30 19:02:06 ] Free Version... - webmaster
This program is great! It found something spybot missed. I highly recommend it to anyone paranoid about viruses and ____ware like myself.

[2005-10-21 15:16:30 ] adaware - minimultitasker
There is a newer version of this software. Ad-Aware SE Personal build 1.06r1 I have been using this program for a couple of years now. IT IS GREAT!

[2010-07-12 04:25:51 ] Suggestion for Freeware listing - sama
Hi There, I would like to suggest that you include Genie Timeline Free to your list. It is an innovative backup solution that will change the way people handle backup. You can check it out on: www.genietimeline.com Regards, Sama Issa Business Development Officer

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