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User comments for "antivir"

[2004-12-30 08:49:31 ] Slow - marcos.moroni
I've used this antivir for a while, but I discarded it because its online updates are very slow. The transfer rates were about 4Kbs. I think it's unacceptable, even for a free antivir.

[2004-12-31 06:18:54 ] re: slow - vfrex
I am using antivir on this computer, and have been for a couple of months now. I just ran an online update, and the transfer hovered between 170kb/s and 300kb/s. Perhaps you should give them another shot?

[2005-01-01 10:26:48 ] Antivir better than paysoft - robert.stenkvist
I have used Antivir for two year, taken all virus, scanned online with F.sec and McAffe, no virus after cleaning with Antivir, takes very little resurses, fast, simply, it,s the best, and, its free!!!!

[2005-01-01 10:29:16 ] Update Antivir in the mornings - robert.stenkvist
I always update Antivir in the mornings, no problem, fast and relayably.

[2005-01-04 19:19:58 ] antivir - huma79
Great virus software, been using over a year... updates fast for me

[2005-03-23 15:59:55 ] Owner - arendtrepair
I am doing a download now and hope to find this to help Protect. I have been using Norton but it would appear they are alway updating their programs and want o charge a fee to continue service, I am pleased toknow about cleansoftware.org and what thet provide.

[2005-08-04 18:31:45 ] antivir - darry1966
Antivir is better than AVG memory wise and also with regards to its realtime guard with the eicar test. Picks up moare stuff. D Hale

[2005-11-04 18:39:53 ] it's good - njdxyj
i've used antivir for two years.i admit it was very slow when i updated it a month ago,but now it's so quick that i can't believe it.also it's free!

[2006-12-30 01:04:46 ] Good - better when you pay - samesmike
I know this is free software but after using for a year and being happy I thought it fair to pay ... then the downloads take seconds with a broadband connection. Also it's cheap, unobtrusive compered with the big boys, and some of the fee goes to charity. Can't really beat that.

[2007-07-10 05:03:43 ] the best - dyeniaero
it's free and it's great!!

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