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[2004-12-27 03:28:11 ] Audacity but not CDex? - datruedave
Audacity may be a good program, but it's not nearly the type of program that would get used as much as CDex: http://cdexos.sourceforge.net/ Simply put, CDex is the simplest, most efficient way to rip or convert audio files from one format to another. And it's clean!

[2004-12-27 06:26:15 ] Audacity vs. CDex Continued - thelastmantofly
Audacity is intended primarily for editing audio files for home music production/home musician. It just happens to be able to allow you to convert wave or aiff files to mp3 and ogg format. (-This is just an added bonus.) You can also edit these file types in Audacity. Can you do any type of editing with CDex? e.g. make mixes, loops, reverse, add effects, combine multiple songs, ect? Audacity isn't as robust as Soundforge, but for it being Opensource, it's a pretty good product. datrudave, I think you are comparing two products from different categories. -rojo

[2006-11-19 15:33:19 ] Audacity is familiar - berkes
I think Audacity is based on the CoolEdit program, if any of you are familiar with that older Windows shareware (CoolEdit 96). This really is an excellent audio tool, common use might be just for opening up an MP3 file (which you can load directly) and cutting off bits of the music. Or splitting up a track into multiple pieces, adjusting volume, etc. Very flexible

[2008-03-29 10:14:45 ] audacity - kmccmedia
Agreed. It is not "Sound Forge". If you want commercial studio quality features, you should pay for them. However, it has very nice features for cleaning up audio, simple editing and lots of ways to treat sound files. I use it to capture streams in real-time and to edit and save them for my own listening and for sharing with others. It's also good enough to tweak sound-tracks for video editing. It would be nice if it could accept more codecs, but other tools (like "Mediacoder") can do a good job of transcoding.

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