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User comments for "avast"

[2005-01-01 10:45:19 ] Great Anti-Virus... - xrobevansx
I used to use AVG, but found it missed some viruses (virii?) Also, I wasn't happy with the way it updated. I found Avast to do everything AVG did and more, while doing it more efficiently and effectively. Excellent product, Highly recommended. Rob in NJ

[2005-01-04 12:42:17 ] avast - alexej
c t, a (critical) german computer magazine tested in january 2005 16 anti-virus programs. They did not recommended 2 programs because of the bad virus detection. One of them was Avast. As a free scanner they recommended Bitdefender... www.heise.de/ct/

[2005-01-29 08:38:06 ] Avast is the best. - hsmock
Avast has features that make it so much better than most AV out there. 1. It scans email, Instant messenger clients, almost all P2P file sharing networks in real time. 2. It is fully functional when you download it for 60 days. This means you can download it, install, update, and do a scan, before you register the program. 3. If you have Windows 2000 or XP it has what it calls " On Boot Scan". This boots your computer into safe non-gui mode and does a complete file scan of all drives on your computer. This is WONDERFUL! Many viruses cannot be removed when in normal mode in these operating systems. With other AV you are sent to the vendors site for long, and for most people confusing instructions on how to get rid of the virus. Be sure to check out their "Avast Virus Cleaner". If your comptuer is already infected, this all in one tool removes many worms that require the use of seperate tools for each one from other vendors. Do not fear the registration. I have registered or had customers register this progam hundreds of times. I, nor any of my customers have had any spam from the company or any afiliates. Please abide by these fine folks license and purchase their sofware for other than home use. I do, and will continue to support them. Howard in Kansas

[2006-02-25 08:34:19 ] RAD - r.a.d.7dei12gratia7
Very interesting comments, especially what the Germans think. As one who has rtun both on the same system, I will give Bitdefender the better. But I also ran Avast home free and have not had too much trobles with it. The two were running great together. But I will not suggest it. for unknown issues but to have one AV running on One system that is fully updated and supported. Now Avast in the beginning has been good with a few struggles between engines and updates. But today I Give them a big Hands up for they are amazing, protection has stopped a few things trying to install on the system. scanner has found a couple things in the past. and On Jan the won the SC Award! See Link... http://www.scawards.com/winners/2006.asp Have a great day all.... R

[2008-01-28 22:31:50 ] Computer Repair Technician - pcgeezer
I have been using Avast for 2 years now on my 4 machines and it has never let me down. It is easy to install, easy to register once a year and it provides the best protection possible without all the bloat and performance hit that Norton & McAfee are so famous for. I have recommended it to hundreds of my customers for their home systems and they all have been impressed and relieved to see their systems perform faster and with fewer problems once they got rid of their Norton or McAfee products. Like thousands of others, I used to swear by Nortons AV, but in the past few years I can only swear at them. I highly recommend Avast even over Bit Defender and AVG. It is smaller,faster and just plain better. It has more features and updates faster on a dialup connection.

[2008-03-29 09:57:30 ] Instructor - Computer Repair - kmccmedia
The part that makes Avast stand out is the ease with which a virus scan/clean can be scheduled to run on boot-up, before the malevolent programs have a chance to take ownership of files. I have put it onto many of my student's and faculty member's PC's to clean off hitherto intractable viruses. ~Very nice~

[2008-12-24 11:29:32 ] Avast, are you kidding - comleader
I installed Avast only to find that I could not access my email with Outlook because Avast had exceeded some 20 thread limit. What??? This is supposed to be a highly rated VS!!! I disabled the providers one by one with no success. Once I shut Avast down, email worked fine. I looked for a solution on their site, but found none. My opinion - interesting product, but one that doesn't integrate well, has poor support, and a number of bugs.

[2009-01-31 22:07:17 ] avast - ronkr3
i want to think you for the fine protection with your product.

[2009-12-02 20:10:56 ] avast - e305knight
I would like to have this product for security for my children computer, they used it a lot and i cant afford to pay fo the service

[2011-01-27 20:26:07 ] pretty good actually - klondykeone
i used avast for just over a year- just had to redo the (painless and quick) registration. its been a great av program. very reliable, and the pre-boot scan is very powerful. unfortunately i had to uninstall because it appears to have been hijacked- scans stopped finding things, and the (threatfire) firewall started popping up saying avast was doing unusual things. i tried reinstalling, but to no avail... ill miss you avast.

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