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[2004-12-29 07:18:26 ] More free Virus-Scanners - koesterreich
First I want to give an advice for "AntiVir" (http://www.free-av.com/) a free On-Demand and On-Access Virus-Scanner. I have used it for more than two years now and it is highly reliable and without any spy- or adware. My second tip is the Open-Source On-Demand Virus-Scanner "ClamWin" (http://www.clamwin.org), based on the proved and popular clam-av-engine (http://www.clamav.net/). Notice that this software only delivers an on-demand scanner and partly some Mail-Client-Integration.

[2005-01-01 19:15:11 ] Works great for me... - cwrobin
I hve been using AVG for over 2 years now and the new version is very nice and very competitve in features with other virus protection packages. Also, since installing AVG my system has not fallen prey to any virus activity whereas the systems with Norton and McAfee where I work and are kept full up to date have been the victim of several successful virus infections.

[2005-01-02 23:21:40 ] jchampion - ce.jchampion
My boss at work had put AVG free home edition on both my laptop and desktop and I have ran both since. It has been about 18 months and it has found and deleted the one virus it has found. I also have McCaffee through college and AVG is definately comparable.

[2005-01-03 18:51:22 ] AVG rox - dean
I really believe in this product. It has never been circumvented by a virus, while I've seen several systems with Norton get infected despite the latest defs.

[2005-01-19 08:02:14 ] AVG - highly recommended - draxen
I have been using AVG free edition for a while now on all of my home computers running Windows. I tried other free products, but none of them comes close to AVG. As far as detection, it rivals commercial products like Symantec or McAfee. And, it's automatic updates function works very well.

[2005-02-25 13:14:04 ] AVG for Win 2000 Server - r_hagen
I've use AVG for several years, and it has been great. However, it is my understanding from their web sight that the new version will not work on 2000 server, I am not using my pc as a server, I used to get a message that it doesn't run a servers, but since I wasn't using my pc as a server, t worked fine. I just like the server software since it runs faster for me. Is it true that the new software, free version will not run on Win 2000 server.

[2005-03-01 06:19:44 ] Be warned!! - Xaeryth
I'm not sure if the "Pro" version suffers from this or not but this program does NOT detect trojans. I was dismayed when I was testing out a trojan detector and it found a couple on my computer so I tried out a couple of other malware detection systems and they also detected the same trojans. In conclusion, if you are looking for free AV protection then use Avast! because it detects more then AVG does. This was not the case with previous versions but I guess every company is allowed to 'slip up'.

[2005-03-25 21:48:58 ] avg - ausimax1940
AVG is what it says Anti-Virus it does not claim to stop Trojans. I have been using it for 7 years and 5 different computers and never had a virus get past.

[2005-08-24 07:25:39 ] Trojans - belindawolf
Two weeks ago my computer crashed. After having it fixed, I installed AVG Free Edition, and it found two Trojan worms, which were not detected before. Thanks AVG!!!

[2005-11-02 06:26:13 ] avg - mhadzic
I am using AVG for more than two years without any infection. Recently my computer is exposed to intranet - the cute AVG has more to do, no problem it can. For myself the best thing is speed, Norton took two hours to check my hard disk and AVG less than 10 minutes. I can't understand why it is for free. Maybe the best things are for free, sometimes.

[2005-12-10 05:59:23 ] Do I need also a firewall - ingevandijk33
Am looking for free antivirus programs. At the moment I use Norton, but it is so terrible slow. If I read these comments I will try AVG, but my question is do I also need a firewall with AVG and if so which free one is compatable?

[2006-04-07 07:44:31 ] avg,,,ok!! - kfelks
Iuse avg...and have had nortons,pcillian....ect...ect....i have found avg free version has worked for me as well as any pay version---better than nortons!!!i feel well protected with avg,coupled with zone alarm.....another great[free] anti virus is AVAST although it slows my putter down just a tad!!!!

[2007-02-16 13:44:48 ] Can't Reinstall AVG - charles38930
I Reinstalled XP on my other home computer and AVG Free stopped working, I downloaded AVG Free again, but still can't get it to work,I get a message that i am trying to install it on a workstation and need a license code. I have tried this twice.

[2007-03-01 09:17:13 ] AVG no longer free - the_jakeman
AVG has apparently discontinued its free version. For several months now my installation has been spamming popups about how it would be unsupported in Feb '07. After that date past the program seemed to disable itself but it continued with the popup spam. Bait and switch + spam = crap I uninstalled the program.

[2007-03-12 11:49:00 ] AVG Free Still Exists - jazzman0607
AVG free version is alive and well!! jakeman, just go to free.grisoft.com and download the new version (7.5). On their site, they say that the older version (7.1) is no longer supported and you should upgrade. But, yes, the free version is still there. Jazz

[2007-08-09 14:40:42 ] AVG - wisdomriter
I was using avast, thinking everything was going great. All of a sudden I started receiving error can't update. So, I changed to AVG Free when after my first scan I had 6 virus'. So I would say detection is by far better with AVG but this hour scanning as soon as my computer loads sucks with AVG.. it slows my computer to snail speed while avast would scan and I would not notice the difference.. Still looking for something that loads like avast but works like AVG.

[2008-09-02 18:53:53 ] AVG has HORRIBLE support - chefice99
Just purchased and downloaded AVG 8. It severed my internet connection, AVG in their wisdom has only online support....no telephone. O.K. I emailed their support w/ my other computer.....Two days no reply!! Great service(ha ha) Thanks for taking my money!

[2008-09-02 18:54:26 ] AVG has HORRIBLE support - chefice99
Just purchased and downloaded AVG 8. It severed my internet connection, AVG in their wisdom has only online support....no telephone. O.K. I emailed their support w/ my other computer.....Two days no reply!! Great service(ha ha) Thanks for taking my money!

[2009-01-19 14:14:18 ] avg free - kfelks
It's pretty bad when you have an AV like Norton's that you pay a fortune for.....and switch to a free AV such as AVG or Avast and they find viruses Norton's missed....what are people paying for???? Stick with AVG or Avast they work!!! and don't cost a penny!!!! hyper viper

[2009-03-07 16:32:17 ] AVG Terrible - ydocl
I just removed AVG from my laptop. My laptop is running so much better now. AVG is a resource hog, their technical support is non-existant, and they are a bunch arrogent people to charge so much for breaking my PC

[2009-05-12 08:42:44 ] Ammy - alwynprice
Used AVG 7.5 for years with no problem. Had to change to AVG 8 and it won't allow me to connect to Google. The only way is to cancel Resident Shield and Link Scanner. Then I am told that I have no Anti Virus protection. Should I change to Avast ?

[2009-11-08 09:40:21 ] avg - go_t
I've used AVG since version 5.5 up to 9.0 on few computers. Yesterday I had to re install system (almost 2y old vista...) , and just from curiousity used other Antivirus. And guess what, I had viruses all the time with so called AVG protection, since middle of 2008. Won't intall it again. Changes ....

[2010-09-20 09:15:37 ] avg - katezu62
I bought the upgraded AVG version and it never worked right with Windows Vista. Can't get customer service and they just email without really answering the question asked. I just upgraded to Windows 7 and still should have my AVG subscription I paid for for 2 years. However, the link they sent for the original download is no longer active and customer service sent a link for another site that requires a password I don't remember from 2 years ago. It says it will send you the password, but it hasn't and I can't find a phone number for service. This is ridiculous. I am switching and will NEVER use AVG again.

[2012-06-10 06:17:17 ] Ugh! AVG 2012 - peter.wendy
have just uninstaled AVG 2012 from three PCs each with different OS's, Windows 7, Vista and XP. AVG would not unistal from Vista and I had to maually delete the files in the registry. Not fun. AVG 2012 slowed each PC down but by varying degrees. Windows 7 was the slowest especially with IE. Have now loaded Norton 2012

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