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User comments for "azureus"

[2005-01-29 12:14:18 ] azureus - berkes
This is a fantastic torrent program, the interface is really nice and straightforward (for multiple torrents) but it is very configurable. You can also serve your own torrents using this

[2006-02-16 02:44:33 ] New kid on the block: Utorrent - l49ze48zf495jeq
Try Utorrent. It is stable, very small and hardly uses your CPU. It runs on just about every Windows-configuration (95, ME, XP etc.) It's "stand alone", you don't need to install it, so it won't mess up your Registry. A review in PC magazine: "Proof that a little bit of code can go a long way, Torrent packs an outstanding array of features in 107KB, and doesn't even create a folder in your Program Files. To be fair, Azureas takes up only 151KB — (...)none of these clients is particularly bloated. (...) "In the course of our testing for this story, it replaced Azureus as our BitTorrent tool of choice". See: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1759,1911890,00.asp

[2008-10-27 23:45:02 ] azureus - calc
Yeah, definitely try utorrent. Operates the same as azureus but much smaller and more efficient

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