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User comments for "bitdefender"

[2007-12-22 17:10:37 ] The Best Free Virus Scanner - F.ramosrg
Definitively it is the best free virus scanner. I use Bit Defender 8 as a backup for Free AVG and my computer is ultra clean. See our article at: http://radiodimensioncristiana.wordpress.com under section "Programas Seguridad" RDC

[2008-11-16 13:02:57 ] Difficult uninstall - berkes
I had major problems uninstalling this (BitDefender 10 free). The first uninstall procedure failed, and did not remove all services associated with the scanner. After this, uninstall failed and re-install of a new copy failed too. Turns out they have a special uninstall program you can run (find it on their web site)... anyway, beware that uninstall might be difficult and this seems to be kind of a messy program as far as service structure

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