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User comments for "clamwin"

[2005-02-05 06:32:02 ] Works, but scanning takes forever ... - j-mail
I'm using ClamWin as it's the only freebie antivirus software that I could find that still runs on Windows server OS's. It seems to work fine (I haven't had an infection yet) but it took over 90 minutes to scan 7GB of data on my file server.

[2008-11-29 23:18:45 ] Nice with caveats - KMcCMedia
It's pretty nice that it's a true open source software. It seems to do a good job scanning. I use it on a Windows 2000 Server in my classroom, as no commercially made freeware will run on a server platform. They figure if you have the server license you can also afford the expensive AV-ware. Not always so. Be aware though that you need to request a scan of a file. It is possible to accidentally execute a virus or trojan if you don't first deliberately scan the file. Also I have had false positives from Codecs and other installers that were demonstrably clean. Though better to err on the side of safety.

[2011-01-02 23:22:13 ] clamwin - archenadear
I used this for awhile. It did a good job stopping virus' but it takes a huge amount of memory during scans and doesn't discontinue when instructed to. If I had a better system I'd consider using this again, but not with my current system.

[2011-01-27 20:20:25 ] nah no good... - klondykeone
i tried this clamware scanner... it didnt find anything. theres a virus floating around facebook. it was ripping apart the os while this was running.

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