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User comments for "dvdshrink"

This product rocks. Backup double layer movies to single layer media. Compression doesn't really affect quality too much. Looks better than S-VHS even with compression. Some dithering on dark colors, but barely noticable. Overall, 5 stars out of 5. I would recommend downloading this now before some group takes down the file. Also, in some rare cases DVD Shrink can't decrypt a DVD, use DVD Decrypter (also on this site.) This program will crack any DVD and then you burn it using DVD Shrink. AWESOME!

[2005-09-03 22:01:36 ] DVD Shrink is no more! - iwindoze
DVD Shrink 's website is closed and the words 'DVD Shrink is No more' appear. I'd recommend finding out what reasons the author of the program has decided to quit and if those reasons do not preclude it someone starting a mirror of the software! --iWindoze

[2006-02-14 13:50:50 ] MD5 sums for utility - jobrien
does somebody have md5 checksums for the executable?

[2006-11-20 00:51:34 ] How to obtain it - jb
The software can still be found all over the internet. Cleansoftware.org now lists the original file name and MD5, SHA1 hashes so you can confirm that whatever you download is the original software. The main web site may be gone but given how useful this software is, you'll always be able to find it

[2006-11-20 00:54:20 ] Legal - jb
And don't forget, there is nothing illegal about the software. "Fair use" of media you legitimately own is an important part of copyright law. If you already own the DVD, you can use DVD Shrink to make a backup copy - you can then use this backup for day to day use, and protect the original from heavy wear, scratching, etc.

[2006-12-29 18:23:16 ] DVD SHRINK IS AWESOME - jspinoza
How such a small and unobtrusive program can do so much is truly a testament to the genius of its producers. It doesnt come with help file, but there are forums to guide you. It does so much so easily. Learn it, use it, LOVE it! Its free...

[2008-06-18 14:32:06 ] dvdshrink - mark1971

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