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User comments for "foobar2000"

[2004-12-31 08:38:55 ] Disappointing interface - berkes
the strong points of foobar2000 seem to be high quality (32-bit) decoding of audio, suited for high end sound cards... but other than that, the interface is downright disappointing. I can't even see a volume control!

[2005-01-05 09:51:49 ] WMP x Foobar2000 - marcos.moroni
If you are looking for a simple media player, with small footprint, this is the player! I can even play Counter-Strike while listening to my favorite musics! I've compared Windows Media Player x Foobar2000 relative to resource hogging. Look how impressive the results are: Process wmplayer foobar2000 % Processor Time 9.112 0.031 IO Data KBytes/sec 34 15 Page Faults/sec 54.712 2.050 Page File MBytes 124 5 Working Set MBytes 21.0 2.5 []s, Moroni from Brazil!

[2005-01-05 10:16:39 ] WMP x Foobar2000 - marcos.moroni
The table is all messed up... so, in short, WMP uses 9% of processor time and 21MB of memory against Foobar2000 that uses 0.03% of processor time and 2.5MB of memory in my comparison test (7 ogg musics, 30min total)!

[2005-01-31 00:28:59 ] it's tha bomb!! - graham
If you want functionality, exceptional sound, and 'discrete' usage of system resources over looks -- hands down, Foobar2000 is IT!! Skins and fancy gui's are for n00bs anyways... Get to know your keyboard commands; ie "+" or "-" on the number keypad for volume control - how much easier can it be? My 2 cents. g_dub

[2005-02-15 00:21:04 ] foobar rulez - wysa
i can play any audio file with foobar, including AUDIO-CD, DTS, Dolby Digital, OGG and so on. Almost everithing I need is there already. BTW volume control is one of DSP optional plugins...

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