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[2005-06-05 12:16:49 ] Tip for creating PDF files - berkes
This is probably THE BEST way to create PDF files under Windows. By best, I mean it's totally free and it also creates the highest quality (and most compact) output PDF files, better than OpenOffice's built in capability for instance! What you do is add a Windows printer using a postscript driver, such as "HP Color LaserJet PS". For the port, select FILE which means that it's not a real printer device but it will print to a file. Now from any software in Windows you can just print to this fake postscript printer. It will ask you to save the output file, so save the output.ps (which is a postscript format file). Now you simply fire up Ghostscript's gsview and go File | Convert usig the 'pdfwrite' device. Bam, you've got the best quality PDF anyone can hope for. I've been doing this for years.

[2005-11-15 12:12:45 ] More tips - geoffbeier
Maybe this should be displayed separately, but an excellent companion to ghostscript if you're using MS Office is the open source GhostWord package. Details here: http://ghostword.sourceforge.net/ This allows you to produce really sharp PDFs with proper hyper links, table of contents in the "Bookmarks" area, etc.

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