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User comments for "gnuplot"

[2005-06-06 09:44:32 ] Used for math - berkes
I have used this in math and engineering classes myself as it is very nice to be able to visualize functions. Try "splot sin(x)" and then click and drag the window to tour your 3D function!! -- Another thing I have used gnuplot for throughout engineering is making bode plots. It will support log axis, complex functions, abs() and arg() to get your mag and phase. Very easy to use

[2005-09-05 18:32:56 ] Pete - peterlo8
I would like to try a user friendly graphing prog & thought this might be just such a candidate. I followed several download links & noted that no single package exists for V4. How on earth is anyone to know which collection of files they might need & how would anyone conclude that this is a mature easy to use program when even the download process presents obstacles. I gave up, why bother, my experience generally is that what I saw will be an indication of difficulties in use. You might be interested in my view which is intended to be constructive. Rgds Pete

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