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User comments for "izarc"

[2005-09-09 14:18:33 ] New web-adress - m-tin
IZarc has changed its main web-site to http://www.izarc.org - the latest version 3.5 beta 3 was released on 6th of September.

[2005-12-16 20:08:39 ] No complaints here. - xaviar
I use IZarc every week to help manage files on my machine. I have never had a single problem with it. I am 100% satisfied with it. Why pay for programmes that automatically limit you. IZarc is far more versatile than any other archival tool I've used. Full marks!

[2006-11-16 05:09:19 ] Update - trent
Izarc has been updated to version 3.6

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