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User comments for "klmcodec"

[2006-11-19 15:28:51 ] Very all inclusive - berkes
This package is just amazing. First of all you get the Real and Quicktime alternatives, so you don't have to install those bloatwares which all phone home and install junk all over your system. Second you get all the multimedia codecs you need, DivX being a notable one since it can be hard to find a reliable, spyware-free DivX ;)

[2006-12-09 04:42:20 ] StopBadware report on K-Lite Mega Codec - marklen
I don't pretend to fully understand the report (whether it applies to K-Lite in general or one bad distributor of it). http://www.stopbadware.org/reports/container?reportname=central-tekinternational.com/ Perhaps it is imply a bad site distributing good software, or some distributions have been corrupted?

[2006-12-10 20:43:15 ] klmcodec - berkes
In reference to the stopbadware.org report. Notice that the site they are reporting as dangerous (central-tek etc) is NOT where CleanSoftware.org links to, and it also is not the official distribution site for K-Lite Mega Codec . . . As far as I can tell, this is another instance of a bad site carrying modified software.

[2007-04-26 05:04:46 ] klmcodec - suhasbpatil
i want to downloadd klmcodec

[2007-05-29 01:45:17 ] Have saved me my pc - plimper
Hello there mates. I just want to say that it saved my computer i was going to do a clean format. I have install some program and it messed up my codecs. Everytime i tried to watch a movie or by just click right click it kept telling me that the "internet explorer must close" . All the time was doing this.So before the clean format that i was planning to do one friend of mine send me the Klmcodec. I run the installation process and i made the uninstall of all the programs that i had installed (codecs). Then i installed the (default) settings i restarted my pc and everything it was fast like hell. Fully recomended..... Kind Regards Panagiotis.

[2008-11-29 23:35:14 ] Nice with caveats - KMcCMedia
It still uses Direct-X so you get about the same good quality with windows media files as with Windows Media Player, without all the silly, annoying commercialism built into WMP. Also allows tweaking of Audio and lots of settings - helpful for DVD playback. Seems to use more system resources though than some more generic cross-platform media players like Mplayer and VLC. So, if your computer lacks power, look into those others. Lacks a good way of playing a URL. Really nice how you don't need Real Player plug-in still.

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