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User comments for "miranda"

[2004-12-28 03:32:29 ] miranda - AliceViaWonderland
The interface is simple, but there are lots and lots of options, supports quite a few protocols now, with community contributed plugins that will support more. Has no frills, no bloat and is an elegant piece of software. I have used Miranda for several years now with absolutley no problems (except for the new icon which looks the golden arches). I left the original ICQ and MSN clients because of bloat, tried Trillian (still chunky and the UI was poor) but Miranda worked like a dream on my P200 16MB ram, at the time .

[2004-12-29 07:32:27 ] Great Client - traveyes
As I type this with Miranda minimized, it's footprint is 428K. Unminimized it's 1088K, and my contact list is fairly large. I've disabled all protocols but ICQ. I've used Miranda for several versions now, and have never had any major problem. It can be tweaked heavily to do just about anything you need. There are many many plugins (like extensions in firefox) to change its behavior and add functionality. I use YAMN (POP email checker) and History++ (improves on history viewing copying/pasting) I switched to miranda a few years back because I tired of the bloat and ads in ICQ (which would hog up 10 megs of RAM at times). After about 6 months of using, I had all my family and a good portion of my friends switch to it as well. (another good thing... i hate smileys... and you don't need to see 'em by default... but if you're into that, simply choose from one of the many plugins that do this) .

[2005-01-22 07:27:03 ] miranda - webmaster
After using this program for an hour I deleted my AIM client from AIM.COM . Yes. Its that good. I can's say how much I like it. It only takes up 1.4 megabytes of space, and doesn't need to be installed. The user interface is awesome, and not at all buggy like the AIM client is. The text is plain, which i love, and there aren't any stupid emoticons by default. Please note that with this client you can't 'talk' and I don't think you can 'direct connect'. For a full list of stuff you can't do, go to their website.

[2006-01-13 17:26:21 ] miranda - qajaq49
This may be a swell program if you know a lot of the technical aspects of internet chat. It's weak on support. I could find nothing that tells how to choose a network, what any of the installation options mean (i.e., what effect they will have on your IM experience), how to convert from another IM client, or really anything that was helpful in getting the software up and running. After an hour of futile searching and experimentation, I dumped it.

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