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User comments for "mpc"

[2005-01-10 05:33:58 ] Lightweight? - marcos.moroni
I tested this software and I found that it has a small size in disk, but a large size in memory and a huge use of CPU! :(

[2005-01-10 14:18:46 ] Ultraclean GUI and it plays them all.. - johannes.eder
MPC just became my favourite movie player. It's fast, plays all movie files I've tested so far plus images etc.. The pan&scan options are by far better than in every other piece of software I like (e.g. PowerDVD, DivX Player..) which is very important to me since I'm using WXGA (16:10). The http-based remote control needs some more options, though (like rights management). Keep up the good work :D

[2005-10-26 10:27:46 ] It Stinks ! Requires Directx To Work - ghall4834
If did not require Directx to work. I would use it. I will only use a media player that works independently of Windows Media Player becuase some third party media players uses the Windows Media Player plugins to function. And many other media players work better without using directx.

[2005-11-30 21:52:57 ] mpc - snowcactus
I love this player. Plays nearly any extention and is fast.

[2006-01-07 12:52:24 ] newer version? - Quantum666
There's a newer version out there I believe. Version I don't know what changes have been made

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