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User comments for "mplayer"

[2005-07-10 09:00:06 ] Great Media Player (plays EVERYTHING out of the box) - ziga.huskic
This thing is great. It also includes all codecs, so far it playes every wierd fileformat i found on the internet. Only problem is that there is no GUI on windows. But this is not a problem since you have on-screen display and key-binds. Ii beats BSplayer in every aspect (let alone the gui).

[2006-02-15 11:57:10 ] MPlayer for Windows - l49ze48zf495jeq
Great Site. About MPlayer: there is a good Windows GUI for it. A German student, named Martin Fiedler made one. This is his site: http://www-user.tu-chemnitz.de/~mfie/index.php?software=mpui

[2011-05-19 22:08:33 ] mplayer - arafins
thats real good, i have got iphone 4 but couldn't fix the mp4. now i m going to give a try. http://realcodeplus.blogspot.com/

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