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User comments for "nistime"

[2004-12-27 05:43:10 ] Cope57 - cope57
I did not download the nistime software because the nistime software is not needed for XP that I know of. If you double click on the clock you can go to the "Internet Time" tab and select which nist server you wish to update your time. You can set it to automatically update your time daily if you wish.

[2004-12-27 06:40:21 ] Windows 2000 doesn't need this either - anelless
The same goes for Windows 2000 (I have yet to find anything I can't use an OS without that 2000 lacks and XP doesn't). The windows time service can be enabled using something like this in CMD prompt net time /setsntp: OR net time /setsntp:" anotherip anotherip" followed by net start time You will need to allow incoming UDP from the IP's you specify, remote port port 123 on your firewall (not sure about the local port). If you have a router I guess you would have to forward these somehow to your box. Hows that for clean software? ;-)

[2004-12-27 10:49:38 ] Check out Robin Keir's Neutron - miles
Be sure to check out Robin Keir's http://keir.net/neutron.html Neutron which does the same thing in 9k (6k download) without requiring port forwarding, etc.

[2005-12-30 00:55:59 ] share - lmck111
I cannot see how to give the instruction to reset the time daily. Could you pleases expand a little ? Thanks

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