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[2004-12-27 05:27:48 ] Top Grade Software Package - douglas
I dowloaded OOo for the first time only about a week ago (v1.1.4) and already i'm choosing to use its applications over MSOffice's apps. Its standout feature for me is its PDF export function which is superb. It doesn't have all of the totally advanced functions that MSOffice has (yet) but when you consider that it is totally 100% free, it really is a superb package!!

[2004-12-27 09:00:07 ] openoffice - Eric_W_Robinson
This office suite is great. seriously. i prefer it over MS office XP. it has excellent compatability with all kinds of other document types, so switching between openoffice and office xp is not a problem...enjoy!

[2004-12-27 10:27:08 ] Brilliant replacement for Microsoft Office - andrevan
If you have an old or no version of Microsoft Office, OpenOffice is it. It's completely free, so forget about paying the $200 premium to use the Microsoft products. Can open .doc files as well as .xls, .ppt, and other Office formats.

[2004-12-27 12:14:23 ] Pretty cool with a few caveats - Kmccmedia
Open office is pretty cool, especially considering its price... :) Really great Spreadsheet and WP. Exporting PDF's awesome! It is more cut and paste compatible with the Mozilla browser than MS Office. Watch out for what happens when you paste tables into it though. Don't assume that when you save in MS Word format the locations of graphics and other objects will cross smoothly between platforms. Also, the presentations you make will look better if you use the free MS Powerpoint viewer to run them -- better rendering engine I guess. Otherwise an awesome freeware.

[2004-12-28 10:32:28 ] Ditto ... - bjbesaw
I agree. OO is no weak-kneed suite which pleases only the anti-MS crowd. It is a serious player. I doubt the average Office user will feel like they've given anything up once they learn the minor differences in menus, shortcuts, etc. The .pdf output option was big for me as well. What I'm appreciating more and more is the way it shares with MS Office and isn't nearly the resource-hog that Office is. I had an old WinME laptop in mothballs because it just couldn't handle Office. Now I've got OO on it and my girlfriend uses it as her "on the road" machine.

[2006-01-02 07:21:30 ] great Office alternative - redseven02
I bought a new WinXP laptop for my girlfriend, and she wanted at least MS Word installed. I would have bought MS Word, but for the price charged, I was hesitant to pay for it. I've heard about OpenOffice for quite a while, and figured to at least try it on her laptop. Downloaded it (thanks to a neighbor's unsecured WiFi), tried it out, and I'm very happy with it. Since her needs are very basic (skills are about basic, also), what OO has will more than suit her needs. And the biggest surprise for me was that it can create .pdf documents. Guess who's going to put OO on his laptop as soon as he gets home?

[2006-11-14 21:38:54 ] openoffice - fidgarbage
If you've tried openoffice 1.4.x before, you should try 2.x now. It loads much faster.

[2007-11-08 03:55:08 ] more stable - jb2005
OpenOffice is also a lot more stable now than in the earlier releases

[2009-03-24 10:45:24 ] Open Office must be a joke - abdulkermd
I was expecting too much when i first installed it into my computer and started writing documents in it for my job. But i realized that this editor really sucks. i am speaking for writer,some of its problems are numbering and grouping, lacking of some easy properties for editing data, and finally the most annoying one is i think it really has bugs when i save and close and then reopen the document some parts are missing and some signs i use are changing to other nonsense signs. So i am sure that i swap to ms office to save my time

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