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[2004-12-27 01:01:58 ] Mercury - richardc
The companion mail server for Pegasus Mail, which can also be used as a stand-alone mail server. Like Pmail, Mercury is and always has been free. Only the manuals (not required) are non-free.

[2004-12-27 04:45:39 ] Pegasus mail is the best for Windows - rahard
I am a power UNIX user, but frequently have to use MS Windows. I have a large volume of email. My email archive is around 300 MBytes (archived under Linux). My online emails are split into 3 accounts, each is around 40 MBytes. I use Pegasus to send emails from Windows and to archive some emails, which is also large in size. I've been using Pegasus for more than 10 years! (Has it been that long?) Rock solid! Never crashed. My first choice of emails in Windows. I test new email clients every once in a while, but always go back to Pegasus. It beats Eudora, and even Thunderbird! But again, this is just my opinion. PS: I wish there is a Linux version of Pegasus!

[2004-12-27 12:40:52 ] pmail - rueger
I average several hundred messages each day, most from a large group of lists to which I belong. I am certainly a heavy e-mail user. I have tried pretty much every e-mail client of note and have yet to move away from Pegasus Mail. It's powerful, flexible, and perhaps most important each new version - even incremental ones - adds features that rapidly become essential. And of course I have never been hit by the virus probelms that Outlook users have suffered. Like the poster above I'm closing in on ten years with this product, and can't see changing anytime soon.

[2004-12-28 17:27:33 ] pmail - david
I always reach for Pegasus first. It has a long noble pedigree and has been an important part of keeping my friends' computers safe from evil stuff. It's ultra reliable and can keep a bucketload of e-mail accounts totally serparate like I need them to be.

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