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User comments for "shareaza"

[2004-12-27 03:13:14 ] shareaza - Poromenos
Shareaza is a great program. I have been using it for months now and it's fast, efficient, and very well designed. It's better than the others out there. By the way, you should allow it to pass through your firewall or you will get slow speeds and not many search results.

[2004-12-27 09:19:53 ] shareaza - dude_my_fish
IT has a block list for those bad Ip address (mpaa,RIAA,) it supports almost every type of p2p.I have use other cleints but this is the best one yet. bettr then k-lite. searchs like there networks atonce

[2005-01-02 18:58:58 ] shareaza - juis10
I have tried almost all of the filesharing programs and shareaza is the best by far. There is no ads or spyware and it has an awesome interface. It gets the most results because it connects to 4 networks and the fastest downloads. Best of all its free.

[2008-01-17 05:57:41 ] Kool - philrw
This is a waycool file share system. It dosent leave files alone by saying 'Need more sources', it leaves files pending until its ready to download. Thank you.

[2008-01-30 23:12:27 ] www.shareaza.com is fake - gizban
www.shareaza.com is not the correct website anymore. The correct address is shareaza.sourceforge.net. You're linking to a fake webite which installs spyware. Check the forums at the real shareaza site on sourceforge if you don't believe me.

[2008-02-10 14:22:41 ] shareaza - berkes
The download link here on CleanSoftware.org has been fixed, it links to sourceforge which is the correct address.

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