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User comments for "spybot-sd"

[2004-12-27 03:06:44 ] Spybot rocks! - info
I've used spybot for quite some time now...really good...and the "tea timer" works really well i find... Since i've put spybot, AVG anti-virus & Firefox on my machine...no more internet problems! Saves me so much frustrations i tell u : ) Erick P.

[2004-12-27 05:41:04 ] SpyBot and Ad-Aware - dave6017
I love SpyBot and Ad-Aware, between them, they keep my system clean. I won't say they get's rid of everything, but I haven't found anything so far that they won't detect or clean.

[2004-12-27 10:29:10 ] Excellent - andrevan
A strong privacy tool, use it with a firewall, an antivirus program, and Mozilla Firefox for a clean and smooth system!

[2004-12-27 16:22:41 ] SpyBot Search and Destroy - nead
This is a must-have for any computer user. Widely acclaimed on the internet, newsgroups (alt.comp.freeware) and in magazines (PC Computing). Coupled with Ad-Aware you can feel confident and in control of your PC. -neadfiles http://www.nead.us/wordpress

[2004-12-27 22:56:49 ] Spybot is must have software for MS PCs. - themadprofessor
I use Spybot on every windows PC I use. My Laptop, Work PC, friend's PCs etc. I have swicthed to Linux for everything except nifernal access databases people insist on using.

[2007-03-03 15:44:46 ] spybot-sd - moir.andy
Hi there, I use spybot on every single computer I own also. It's a wonderful program, 5/5 rating from me. :D

[2007-09-23 18:41:09 ] spybot-sd - t.richard
I have use Spybot for years along with adaware. These programs find and remove what computer Associates doesn't even find. however, I am having a problem with "shdoclc.dll" trying to hijack Internet Explorer. I have found bad reports on this and tried other software. They can't find it either. any ideas?

[2008-07-25 23:51:50 ] Link out of date - adala98
Please update this link. Many Spybot "clones" out there so got to be careful. Your link should provide a comfort level to most.

[2010-12-05 23:31:42 ] Link seems fine - daniel
The current link on this site (as of December 2010) seems fine to me... goes to the correct, original software

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