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User comments for "winscp"

[2004-12-27 10:26:05 ] winscp - i_love_openbsd
This is an excellent, easy to use, program for those that need to transfer files from Windows to another machine, over SSH. This means the files are encrypted along the route, making it impossible for others to see the contents (unlike ftp and http). It is very intuitive, once a session is active you can just drag and drop files in either direction. It even has a method to store the username and password for saved sessions, but of course this introduces risk for the remote site if your machine gets compromised, so be careful with that feature.

[2004-12-27 11:44:12 ] filezilla is another option - wes
Filezilla ( http://filezilla.sourceforge.net/ ) is a better overall program IMHO, as it supports ftp as well as sftp and scp. It's open source, and is a native Windows app.

[2004-12-27 21:54:54 ] winscp vs filezilla - berkes
By the way, FileZilla is now listed at CleanSoftware.org too. Comparing the features of winscp and filezilla, I'd say both have their strengths. winscp's synchronization works really well. Anyway both are free and clean, we should be so lucky to have such choice :)

[2008-02-21 11:40:44 ] disappointing - streetracer23
WinSCP is just a piece of crap. It disconnects from the FTP servers every 10 seconds and it constantly hangs for no reason when you try to upload files to the remote servers. No, it is not a problem with my connection or computer. I have tried in 8 different computers with 5 different Internet connections, where any other FTP/SFTP client works fine. After 1 month of frustration I decided to get rid of WinSCP and try another program. Everything is ok now and my nerves are fine too. Completely disappointing program. Just don't use it...

[2010-05-25 06:06:57 ] winscp - tomas.novoselic
I couldn't agree more with streetracer23 + few more issues like wrongly detected timeouts etc...

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