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User comments for "xnews"

[2004-12-27 16:22:55 ] An FYI - j44xm
Xnews is practically been abandoned by author Luu Tran, and he has no desire to release the source code. However, the program is so complete and feature-rich that I still recommend it highly.

[2004-12-27 21:13:02 ] xnews is being developed - berkes
Although the last release was quite some time ago, the test versions are released quite frequently! The version cited at CleanSoftware.org is barely a month old. Luu is probably hesistant to do the whole "release" thing because of the pain of updating documentation and going through officialness. BUT the software is excellent, still maintained, and probably the best USENET software for Windows IMHO.

[2007-02-01 15:03:17 ] Help - Wavznmore
I have been trying a year, or more to get Xnews loaded and working. But no luck :*(. I can not get it to pull up anything.b It just will not work for me. Help plz.

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