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User comments for "zinf"

[2004-12-27 01:29:24 ] Hummm, - soimless
and I thought I was the only one that used ZINF. I like ZINF quite a bit, though it can freak out now and then it is lighter than a lot of the other media players I used and it dosen't have anything fancy and unneeded like visulazations (plus for me a negative for most). Though the windows version hasn't been updated in a long time it intagrates well with windows. The features I like the most about zinf is that it allows you to queue your tacks when you open them and a system tray icon when you minimize.

[2004-12-27 07:18:59 ] Foobar2000 - samelias77
Foobar200 supports just about evry audio file type and is very resource friendly. www.foobar2000.org

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