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When is the best time to cold call ?

There is no correct time to make sales calls, but you can get B2B leads at any time during the day. There is no one “right” time to make sales calls, but data shows you may make calls at different times during the day, morning, afternoon, and evening, and still get leads. In spite of this, some hurdles will remain in your way as you attempt to connect with leads. As a result, focusing on obtaining live calls will improve your likelihood of obtaining an appointment or demo. How may you increase your telephone connection rate? We will discuss the obstacles that prevent leads from connecting and assist you in overcoming them. It is not necessary to call at any particular time to obtain good connection rates.

A fundamental premise is that every sales representative should include in their cold calling process to increase outreach rates. These are the key points to keep in mind.

Make contact with your target customer during his time zone: Firms make the error of calling when they are convenient. In fact, they should contact the target customer when he is most receptive to their message. If the target customer is several hours ahead of you, you may need to contact him earlier or later than your working hours. Give it a try at different times.

You’re not alone in feeling hesitant to call so early. Because decision-makers come to the office with an overflowing email inbox, projects they need to play catch-up on, and a major decision they’ve been thinking about since yesterday they need to make, you can get great connection rates for cold calling in the morning without hesitation. Here are two suggestions:

It is usually possible to find your leads’ office hours information in your CRM if you don’t already have them. You should also seek to gather any other details you need for a cold call such as their telephone number, corporate telephone number, position, and location. With Lusha Extension, you can gather a prospect’s contact info and company info with a single click. It exports your prospect information straight to your CRM of choice.

Increase your call connection rates up to 15%

According to the same study, between 11 am and noon is the best time to cold call in the afternoon, when 14.95% of calls get answered. The best time to call is between 11 am and noon, when 14.95% of calls are answered. When you call, be aware of two problems: meetings and lunch breaks.

Here are some pointers on how to get past the gatekeepers and relay your message to your prospective clients:

Ok... the best time to cold call

What is the best time to make a cold call in the evening? To make a cold call in the evening, the ideal moment is usually between 4 and 5 pm, when connection rates are usually above 14%. At this time of the day, the staff of the company are finishing their day's work, and therefore they are less excited to hear from you. However, you may overcome this barrier with a superior call. When offering personalisation to your CRM with Lusha API, link bulk enrichment, contacts API can provide you with job title, role, industry, and niche information that is not easily found online, which can assist you in connecting with your leads immediately and closing the sale.

Getting a connection with the right person at the right time is very important. You can get a connection at any time of the day, even if you are calling during the afternoon or early evening. You can extract key insights from your research to target your ideal customer base and industry.